About Us

Kalmaksan was founded in the year of 1987. Todays, Kalmaksan continues its production in the factory located in Manisa Organized Industrial Zone and the factory has 25000 m2 open and 20000 m2 closed area. Adopting customer satisfaction as a principle, our company produces Transfer – Prograssive – Tandem – Cutting – Forming – Deep Drawing molds and Sheet Metal Parts for domestic and foreign customers in line with quality targets. Its business area’s are White Goods – Automotive – Heating Cooling – Electricand Electronic key industries.


25 000
150 000
Mold Processing
25 000
Sheet Metal Production

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Kalmaksan attained a good position in the industry with the help of the designs that facilitate customers production and in line with automation.

  • Progressive Molds
  • Transfer Molds
  • Other Molds

Sheet Metal Products

Our Sheet Metal Parts Production department has the capacity to drill, cut, bend, form, deep draw and complete the products of all types of sheet metal parts.

  • Household appliances
  • Automotive
  • Heating and Cooling
  • Others